Adult literacy practitioners' use of materials: Reading Teacher Research Survey

Posting on behalf of the Center for the Study of Adult Literacy:


Are you a reading teacher for adult students? If yes, please see below. If not, please feel free to share this message with your reading teacher colleagues! Please note, if you have already completed the survey- thanks, we have already tallied your responses!


Dear Adult Literacy Educator,

This is an invitation to participate in a research study conducted by the Center for the Study of Adult Literacy.  We are administering an online survey to help us identify and better understand the kinds of texts and teaching practices used in adult literacy centers. We are asking adult educators across the country to participate by answering a series of questions about literacy practices in the adult literacy classroom. This online survey is anonymous, should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete and can be accessed by clicking on the link below. We hope that you will consider taking this survey. Please note that the first page will be an informed consent, and if you decide to participate, you will hit the "next" button to proceed to the survey questions. The link to the survey can be found at:




Daphne Greenberg, PhD


Educational Psychology Program

Georgia State University

Ph: 404-413-8337