Reminder: New LINCS Science Course Available

In case you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, we wanted to remind you that the second LINCS online course, Scientific Practices in Context: Curricular Planning and Lesson Development, is now available on the LINCS Learning Portal at You will need to create a new password to access the LINCS Learning Portal; however, once you do, you will have access to free online courses from LINCS and several other OVAE-funded initiatives in a number of topic areas.

We are excited about this latest addition to LINCS’ offerings of high-quality professional development opportunities for adult education practitioners, and we highly encourage you to take this self-paced course in conjunction with the first science course, Engaging Adult Learners in Science, also available on the portal.

We hope you enjoy both science courses and find them valuable to your teaching practices; please share your thoughts and feedback via the LINCS Community’s Contact Us feature or in the Science discussion group.

Happy learning with LINCS!