Beginning Monday: Health Literacy in the Adult Education Classroom

The newly refocused Health Literacy group invites you to participate in a series of connected weekly discussions on the topic of health literacy in the adult education classroom. All teachers, health literacy professionals, and other interested individuals in the community are invited to talk and learn about the importance and practice of incorporating this topic in the classroom! We’ll talk about valuable resources and curricula, and examine successful examples of health literacy in the classroom. Please join us starting Monday, November 11, and post your questions on this hot topic! Facilitated discussions will be ongoing through December 10.

Schedule of discussions:

November 11-15: Introduction to Health Literacy in Adult Basic Education (ABE)

We will discuss this article with its author, Kate Singleton: What is ESOL Health Literacy and Why Do I Need To Know About It? This topic will help frame the series of discussions and set the stage for why health literacy is an important topic for ABE programs. 

November 18-22: Resources for Addressing Health Literacy in ABE Programs

We will share and discuss curricula and other practical resources, including those from the LINCS Resource Collection.

November 25-December 3: Integrating Health Literacy into Basic Skills Instruction

We will discuss how using health as a context for teaching basic skills can strengthen what teachers already do in the classroom. We will use the resources discussed in Week 2 to showcase examples of their use integrated into literacy/language instruction.

December 4-10: Health Literacy in ABE: What Are People Doing? Examples of Successful Projects

We will hear from ABE teachers and administrators about how their programs have successfully incorporated health literacy into their curricula and activities.