LINCS Systems - Heartbleed Update

To the LINCS Community Members,

A significant vulnerability was discovered with the technologies used to secure (and encrypt) data transfer across the internet.  Sites such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook, Tumblr, GoDaddy, Dropbox, and many others, have been impacted.

We have no evidence that the Heartbleed vulnerability was used to obtain any LINCS data, or to access any LINCS system services.  We have addressed this vulnerability bug on all of the LINCS servers and, as a safeguarding measure, we strongly encourage all members to change their passwords for the LINCS Community.

If you'd like to learn more about this vulnerability, known as "Heartbleed", please refer to the following resources:

We would highly recommend you check with all of your web-provided services (your bank, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) to make sure they have patched their servers.  Then, change your passwords, as needed.

This is a general reminder to use different passwords for your accounts on different sites (e.g. do not use your LINCS password to access bank websites, etc.) so that if your password is exposed by one site, it does not risk exposing all of your online accounts.


The LINCS Community Team