(Special Topic This Week!) Online Portfolios & Micro-credentials in Adult Education

Event Title: Micro-credentials and Online Portfolios

Event Type: Online Discussion

Event Location: LINCS Technology and Learning group

Date(s): July 13-17, 2015

Greetings, members!

Join us this morning for the Micro-credentials and Online Portfolios online discussion in the Technology and Learning group.

Special guests Jeff Carter (formerly Digital Promise), Branka Marceta (OTAN, California), Judy Mortrude (Center for Law and Social Policy), Sharon Ram, (Fremont Adult and Continuing Education), and Jen Vanek (Minnesota Literacy Council) will lead an in-depth discussion exploring the purpose of each and potential avenues for integrating them into adult education programs that advance career pathways for students.

Also, the discussion will be summarized in the Program Management and Career Pathways groups.

Please visit the discussion thread, join the conversation, and share your own thoughts and comments.

We look forward to hearing from you throughout this week!

Best regards,

The LINCS Community Team