Meet the Kentucky Adult Education Skills U Lesson Bank

Adult education practitioners and instructors! Join LINCS for an exciting three-day introduction to the Kentucky Adult Education (KYAE) Skills U Lesson Bank, available on LINCS. From July 9-July 11, Bethany VanHoose Rudd and Susan Roberts, both developers with KYAE, will present the free resources published in KYAE, lead a discussion with hands-on exercises, and help participants develop integrated activities for engaging learners at all levels of instruction. They will also review KYAE lesson templates, discuss strategies for completing sections, and analyze rubrics that assess the performance of students. Participants are invited to review specific lesson plans on the KYAE website for use in their own classrooms.

The three-day asynchronous discussion will include the following:

  • On Day 1, after an interview with the presenters and an introduction to KYAE resources and lesson-plan templates, participants will be invited to contribute ideas on topics to cover, either individually or as a group.
  • On Day 2, participants will review a sample activity and share topics and ideas to develop together or individually.
  • On Day 3, participants will evaluate sample rubric criteria for activities and develop sample rubric categories and criteria for proposed activities.

To participate, join the LINCS Reading and Writing Group and join the conversation from July 9-July 11.

Don’t forget! You can view the KYAE Lesson Plan Bank at any time on LINCS!

If you require special accommodations, please call 301-828-1526 or email 10 days in advance and we will do our best to assist you.


The LINCS Team