[Reminder] Pentominos: Introducing Algebra Through an Arithmetic Puzzle

What The goal of this discussion is to explore an algebraic habit of mind through thinking about computations independently of the particular numbers used.   When August 29-31, 2019   Where The LINCS CoP Math and Numeracy Group.   Description: In this activity, participants work through a series of "pentomino sum" puzzles. The activity will begin with an introduction to the pentomino and how it relates to a 10x10-grid that will be used throughout the activity. Participants will apply what they learn to create their own problems to challenge fellow discussion participants. Optional challenge problems will be provided as the participants move closer to the algebraic approach to solving problems more efficiently.   The discussion that will follow on the LINCS Math and Numeracy Community will include conversations about participants’ discoveries, the strategies used to solve specific problems, and suggestions for students who might struggle or need more challenging work.   Throughout the activity and follow-up discussion, participants will experience how mathematical practices enhance the content and conversations, especially regarding the algebraic approaches. The following mathematical practices will be particularly relevant to the activity:
  • Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
  • Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
  • Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
  Please join us at the LINCS Community Math and Numeracy Group on August 29th! To post questions or comments you must be logged into your LINCS account.   Don’t have an account? Create one today!     Target Audience(s)  Math and Numeracy Instructors   Target Population(s) Adult Basic Education Learners and English Language Learners   Presenter(s) Heidi Schuler-Jones is an educational consultant, professional development specialist, and LINCS National trainer in adult numeracy, who has worked in adult education since 2006.   Christin Smith is a math curriculum developer and has worked in adult education since 2014. She helped develop the first fully online adult education program in Louisiana.   Moderator(s) LINCS Community moderators: Brooke Istas (Math and Numeracy group).     Featured Resources  CCRS Mathematical Practices Pentomino Puzzles   Pre-activity The moderator will post instructions on how to use Push & Support Cards since these will be provided at the start of the activity so that participants can be prepared to use the Pentomino Push and Support Cards during the activity Participation Instructions To participate in this activity, attendees must be a member of the LINCS Community and a member of a host group. (Current Community and group members can simply log in to their account.)   To participate: 1. Join the LINCS Community 2. Join: 3. Access the group’s discussion thread:   Post Activity/Follow-up Materials A summary of the interview, as well as any follow-up materials, will be posted in the groups monthly summaries after the activity concludes.   The LINCS Team