Meet the 2021 LINCS Moderators

The LINCS Community team is delighted to announce the new and continuing LINCS moderators for 2021.  We are welcoming back five of our current moderators and adding six new moderators to support our Community groups.  Below please find our cadre of moderators and the groups they will be supporting:

  • Jeffrey Abramowitz – Correctional and Reentry Education
  • Mike Cruse – Disabilities and Equitable Outcomes
  • Susan Finn Miller – English Language Acquisition
  • Lizelena Iglesias – Science
  • Brooke Istas – Math and Numeracy
  • Chrissie Klinger – Career Pathways
  • Jacqueline Korengel – Professional Development
  • Kathy Olesen-Tracey – Program Management
  • Susan Roberts – Teaching and Learning
  • Steve Schmidt – Reading and Writing
  • Ashly Winkle – Integrating Technology

We are excited to have such a dynamic and experienced group of adult education professionals join the team.  The 2021 moderator team will begin effective February 1, 2021.  Please visit the community groups to meet the moderators and join an activity today.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank David Rosen again for his distinguished service as a LINCS moderator for the Integrating Technology and Program Management groups as he retires from the moderator role.