New online courses in the LINCS Learning Portal

We are pleased to announce three new self-paced online courses now available in the LINCS Learning Portal.

The Creating Adult Pre-Apprenticeships course is designed to help adult education providers develop new programs, as well as support providers who are refining existing pre-apprenticeships or implementing similar integrated education and training programs. It will include examples and resources that are relevant to a range of adult education providers and a variety of industries. This course was developed following the Rethink Adult Ed Challenge and includes many resources that the challenge finalists found helpful during the Virtual Accelerator.

The Teaching Adults to Read: Teaching Beginning and Intermediate Readers course is for adult educators and explores evidence-based instructional practices for supporting adult beginning and intermediate readers in mastering essential skills, from alphabetics to comprehension. This course includes six modules: Introduction, Diagnostic Assessment, Alphabetics, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension.

The Teaching Adults to Read: Teaching Advanced Readers course is for adult educators and explores evidence-based instructional practices for supporting adult advanced readers in mastering essential skills. This course includes four modules: Introduction, Advanced Diagnostics, Advanced Comprehension, and Advanced Vocabulary. These two Teaching Adult to Read (TAR) online courses replace the previous TAR trainings and include updated research.

A LINCS account is required to enroll in and take these courses. New users may create a new account. We encourage those that complete any of the LINCS online courses to consider completing the related Course Evaluation included at the end of each course. Completing the Course Evaluations provides critical feedback that helps LINCS improve the quality of future resources, and in addition provides OCTAE, LINCS, and other stakeholders with meaningful information to assess overall user satisfaction, course quality, and intention to apply content in the classroom.

Please enroll in these courses and share them with your colleagues! Each course includes a Certificate of Completion which course completers may submit for professional development credit to local programs and states that accept LINCS training for professional development credit.