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Providing Space for Learning in PD


I invite you to review the report Exploring Coaching for Powerful Technology Use in Education. The report examines how to provide teachers with time, support, and space to learn how to use technological tools and resources. The report also explores the difference between coaching and mentoring. From the report: 

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Coaches for EVERY Teacher

Hello Colleagues, I don't know about you, but I would welcome having the opportunity to work with a coach to improve my teaching.

Coaching in Adult Ed with Part-time Teachers

I'm a state-level Adult Ed professional development coordinator and presenter in my state (among other things, hahaha). As a trained instructional coach in the K-12 system, I am interested in implementing a coaching model in our state, but there is a lot of skepticism about the feasibility of utilizing instructional coaches in a setting with mostly part-time teachers. I'm looking for success stories, if there are any, preferably at a state or regional level, of coaching implementation.  

Thanks in advance for all your thoughts!

Tonya Creamer

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