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Adult Literacy XPRIZE Finalists and new Communities Competition

Hello Colleagues,

As you may know, the Adult Literacy XPRIZE has announced its five finalist apps to help native speakers of English and immigrants learning English who are at a basic level. The apps run on Android smartphones and, in some cases, also on iPhones.

The five finalists are:




Adult Literacy XPRIZE Apps Discussion


Welcome to our discussion this week about the Adult Literacy XPRIZE. Our panelists include

  • Dr. Shlomy Kattan, Senior Director, Learning and Human Potential Impact Architecture of the XPRIZE Foundation, and Senior Director of the $7M Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE presented by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation,

and representatives from five of the eight semi-finalist app development teams:

XPRIZE Adult Literacy App Discussion April 16 - 20, 2018


Please join us in the LINCS Integrating Technology or Program Management group for a week-long asynchronous discussion, beginning Monday, April 16,  on the XPRIZE Grand Challenge Competition for beginning level adult literacy and ESL/ESOL apps. Panelists include the Senior Director of the Adult Literacy XPRIZE, Dr. Shlomy Kattan, and representatives of five of the eight Adult Literacy XPRIZE semi-finalist teams:

Designing Mobile Learning Tools for Adult Learners

Integrating Technology Colleagues,

The XPRIZE Foundation today has published a short, potentially very useful summary of advice to developers on designing successful instruction apps for adult basic skills (including ESOL/ESL) learners. Designing Mobile Learning Tools for Adult Learners may also be interesting to adult educators. Here's the link:

As you look at the advice, what are you especially glad to see? What's missing? What other thoughts does this advice suggest to you?

Interested in becoming an Adult Literacy XPRIZE Competing Team Mentor, or in Helping Teams in Other Ways?

Reading and Writing Mavens,

You may have seen the LINCS Adult Literacy XPRIZE Announcement below. If you have questions about whether or not to offer your services you may wish to discuss that here. I would be glad to provide my independent perspective and, if there are questions that the XPRIZE Foundation staff would need to answer, to try to get answers from them for you.

David J. Rosen


Join an Adult Literacy XPRIZE Team!

Teams competing for the $7M Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE can use your help!

Did you know that over 36 million adults in the United States—and 780 million adults worldwide—lack basic literacy skills? That’s nearly 1 out of every 6 adults who struggle to understand prescription information, fill out job applications, or read a bedtime story to their children.

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$7 Million Adult Literacy XPRIZE

Technology and Learning Community colleagues,

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XPRIZE Grand Challenge for Adult Literacy


It looks like an XPRIZE Grand Challenge for Adult Literacy is being planned for the U.S. If you think this is a good idea, you can vote for this prize at the web address. If you want to see more votes for it, you can share this message with your colleagues.

What's an XPRIZE? 

From their website, ,

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