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Urban Institute: Training for Jobs for the Future

During the next 10 years, low-wage jobs will continue to grow significantly. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that of the 15 occupations predicted to add the most jobs from 2016 to 2026, only 5 pay annual wages higher than the national median (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016).   Predictions of automation and increased use of technology bring concerns that many workers will need to learn new skills or change locations to find jobs as whole sectors are displaced.

Discover the potential of Micro/Credentialing and Badging

Join the Association of Adult Literacy Professional Developers in the next webinar in their series. On Thursday, August 9th, at 4:00 pm EST, Glenda Rose will present information about micro credentialing and badging. Click here to join the webinar. No registration is needed. 

New Digital Promise Micro-credentials Website


Digital Promise, in partnership with BloomBoard, has launched a micro-credential platform for educators to recognize their demonstrated competencies in "stacks" (categories) such as:

(Special Topic This Week!) Online Portfolios & Micro-credentials in Adult Education

Event Title: Micro-credentials and Online Portfolios

Event Type: Online Discussion

Event Location: LINCS Technology and Learning group

Date(s): July 13-17, 2015

Greetings, members!

Join us this morning for the Micro-credentials and Online Portfolios online discussion in the Technology and Learning group.

[Attention]: LINCS Explores Digital Badges in Adult Education, Next Week!

Event Title: Micro-credentials and Online Portfolios

Event Type: Online Discussion

Date(s): July 13-17, 2015

Next Monday, from July 13-17, 2015, join us in the LINCS Technology and Learning group for a special Micro-credentials and Online Portfolios online discussion. This online discussion will focus on:

Upcoming Discussion on Micro-credentials and Online Portfolios


Beginning July 13th, 2015 the LINCS Technology and Learning community of practice will host a discussion on Online Portfolios and Micro-credentials (also referred to as digital badges). The discussion will be cross-posted in the Program Management and Career Pathways communities. Special guests will discuss examples of digital badges and other micro-credentials, as well as online adult education portfolios.

Guests include:

Online learning portfolios

T & L Colleagues,

I am interested in your thoughts about online learning portfolios (e-portfolios) and digital credentials - sometimes referred to as micro-credentials or digital badges.  Are you familiar with these? If you are, what do you know about them, and what else would you like to know?  Do you know programs that are using these tools with learners? 

If you haven't heard of either e-portfolios or digital credentials, are you interested in learning about how they can be used?

I look forward to seeing your replies.

David J. Rosen

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