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peer review

Strategies for Teaching Writing

Hello colleagues, I'm looking for effective strategies for teaching academic writing. For example, how do you support students to write argument paragraphs and essays? Are you teaching students to cite sources?

Do you involve students in a peer review process? If so, what have been the pros and cons of peer review in your experience? What tips can you offer?

In addition, do you have writing rubrics you can share? Can you recommend online resources for teaching writing-- especially that feature model paragraphs and essays for students to study?

Assessing Writing: Feedback and Revision

Hello colleagues, In the most recent COABE journal, David Rosen reviews a number of websites that support students and teachers in assessing writing. One of those websites is ELI Review. This site includes a remarkable set of materials to support the teaching and assessing of writing including curricular resources and teacher development ideas. The section on feedback and revision is particularly worth checking out.

Writing Rubric? Peer review checklist/rubric?

Hello colleagues, I'm wondering what evaluation tools you provide to students on writing. What is your "go to" rubric for writing? What tool do you use when engaging students in peer review?

Thanks for sharing what's working for you!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Assessment CoP

Peer Review of Writing

Hello colleagues, I believe in the effectiveness of peer review in writing. I want students engaged with one another throughout the process from the beginning when they start brainstorming ideas to having students raise questions about the content of writing to asking them to provide feedback on the mechanics in a classmate's writing. There's a lot to be said about each step in the writing and peer review process.

Critical thinking: Posing questions as feedback on writing

Hello Colleagues, In my experience, I’ve found that asking students to revise the first draft of a piece of writing in response to a set of questions about the content, rather than by marking mistakes, has been effective. I’ve also involved students in providing feedback to their peers – also in the form of questions. We write our questions on sticky notes, and then students revise their writing by responding to the questions on the sticky notes.

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