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close reading

Digital or paper? Is one better than the other for comprehending text?

Hello colleagues, For the kind of close reading we want students to engage in to achieve the standards, is reading digitally or reading paper the same or different? Is one type of text better than the other when reading comprehension is the goal? Check out some ideas about these questions from experts in Larry Ferlazzo's Education Week Teacher blog, Reading Digitally vs. Reading Paper.

Reading Closely and Building on Other's Ideas

Hello colleagues, As we implement the standards in our teaching, many of us are focused on "close reading" as outlined in Reading Anchor 1. Posing good questions is an essential aspect of teaching. It's easy to get stuck asking low-level questions about a text for which we already know the answer, and a common pattern we use is the IRE, initiate, respond, evaluate.

Pam Goldman from the Institute for Learning at the University of Pittsburgh explains the IRE pattern as follows:

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