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Digital skills

Google's Applied Digital Skills Curriculum

Integrating Technology Colleagues,

As you may know, Google is offering a free applied digital skills curriculum. . You'll find the curriculum, a list of projects that you as a teacher or a learner can choose, at

Are educator's digitally literate?

Is there evidence that those seeking middle skills jobs actually need digital skills?


The executive Summary of a March, 2015 report by the prestigious research firm, Burning Glass Technologies, Crunched by the Numbers: THE DIGITAL SKILLS GAP IN THE WORKFORCE begins "In the middle-skill job market, the world is increasingly divided between the jobs that demand digital skills and the ones that don’t—and the ones that don’t are falling behind."

Crunched by the Numbers: The Digital Skills Gap in the Workforce


Do you wonder how important digital literacy skills are to get and keep a middle skills job that has family-sustaining wages? A new study answers the question.

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