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problem solving

Using the Integrating Technology Group when you have a Question about Using Technology


I encourage you to post questions in the Integrating Technology group related to using technology in your teaching, program management or professional development. Perhaps someone in the LINCS community has a good answer, or can help in other ways.

Teaching Problem Solving in Technology Rich Environments

Introducing our Discussion on Problem Solving in Technology Rich Environments


Reasoning Anxiety

A relative in middle school showed me his grades, posted on his android, his constant companion. A's and B's everywhere, except for math, where a "75" was posted. He said, "I know the math and have no probs with homework, but the tests kill me." His dad confirms it and adds that he just doesn't take the time or know how to reason through word problems, They make no sense to him.

Digital Literacy in ESOL or ABE

As members of our LINCS community, we all have access to excellent research, lesson plans, informational articles, best practices and more through the LINCS Resource Collection. You may browse by topic, by year, and by other filters to help you locate what you need.

"Integrating Digital literacy and Problem Solving into Instruction," by Steve Quann (2015), includes project-based lesson ideas for adult students to improve their skills in using technology to solve problems and communicate with others, while increasing their digital literacy skills and access to technology.

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