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What is Everyone On -- and why should you care about it?

Curious: What is Everyone On -- and why should I care about it?

David: So far, in our Everyone On poll here, no one who has responded knows an adult learner who has benefited from Everyone On.

Curious: So, why should I care about that?

David: I think for the first time, adult learners -- and adult basic education teachers -- are eligible for inexpensive ways to get broadband access to the web from a classroom, and/or from home. (Does anyone know if tutors are also eligible?)

decreasing the digital divide - NYC to provide free Broadband Wifi access

As I present to adult educators in the field, I am still surprised at how many AE teacher haven't yet heard about EveryoneOn and the ability to find lower priced (or free) internet access, cell phones, and computers for our adult education folks (teachers AND learners!). Everyone, everyone needs to help spread the word!

If you know of a great 'EveryoneOn' access story please reply and share - word of mouth is one of the MOST powerful marketing tools!

7 Strategies To Support Students Who Can’t Afford Technology

Another interesting article--this time on helping students get access to technology.  They don't mention but they do have some interesting ideas.  

7 Strategies To Support Students Who Can’t Afford Technology

Is this a challenge for programs and students in your area?  Have you tried any other strategies?

Everyone on?

Hi all,

I posted about Everyone On after the COABE Conference, but World Ed just sent out a reminder about it so I wanted pass that a long.  

Everyone On--low cost access to internet and tech devices

Low-cost digital literacy resources for adult learners

We know some of the key challenges of the digital divide include access to the Internet, cost of devices and Internet service, and digital literacy skills. OCTAE is working to help you and your students find solutions.

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