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economic impact

New Report: Untapped Talent: The Economic Costs of Brain Waste Among Highly Skilled Immigrants in the United States

The United States has long attracted some of the world's best and brightest, drawn by the strong U.S. economy, renowned universities, and reputation for entrepreneurship and innovation.

But because of language, credential recognition, and other barriers many of these highly skilled, college-educated immigrants cannot fully contribute their academic and professional training and skills once in the United States. As a result they work in low-skilled jobs or cannot find a job - a phenomenon known as brain waste.

Graphic: College Haves and Have Nots

Dear Colleagues:

Not so long ago, we might have shared a graphic about wages and levels of education as a way to encourage student to go "Beyond the GED" (or other high school completion options).  Now there's a new graphic from  the Center for Education and the Workforce at George Washington University.  What do you think of this graphic?

Impact of Adult Basic Skills Programs: Webinar and Discussion Next Week

Dear Colleagues:
There’s only one week left until our joint discussion exploring Dr. Stephen Reder’s Longitudinal Study of Adult Learning (LSAL)

Event Title: What’s Happening in Adult Basic Skills Programs: The Long-term Impact of ABS on Economic Outcomes, Postsecondary Engagement, and GED Attainment

Event Type: Webinar Event and Online Discussion in the LINCS Community

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