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What does it mean to be poor in America?


Recently, I finished Matthew Desmond's book, Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City and I think the conversation is both important and relevant in adult education. Below are a few powerful passages: 

What is the Scarcity Mindset?


Is Ruby Payne's Framework for Poverty still relevant?

Many of us have heard of Ruby Payne's framework for addressing the impact of generational poverty on students development in the classroom. Yet, her framework has come under scrutiny. She spends a great deal of time discussing her Hidden Rules of Poverty, demonstrating - in a way to support her ideas - that it is difficult to move from one socio-economic status to another due to lacking the awarenss of hidden cultural rules. She believes that by explaining these rules, teachers can better connect with students.

Diversity CoP and its Important Precedents: Literacy, Poverty, Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation

Diversity and Literacy Colleagues,

LINCS originated in an organization called the National Institute for Literacy (NIFL). When NIFL's funding was eliminated, LINCS continued under the sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Education. The original LINCS discussion forums, eventually called Communities of Practice, included a forum called Poverty, Race, and Literacy. This was expanded to include a focus on gender and sexual orientation, and now also includes other kinds of diversity, for example, where people live.

Diversity and Poverty Issues not Recognized?

The COABE conference in Dallas this week was the best-attended ever. Of course, it was in Texas!

As I reviewed the list of presentations, very few dealt specifically with issues related to topics that we address in this community, focusing specifically on diversity, poverty, or rural/nonformal programs. Why do you think that happens when this community is filled with views, opinions, and, yes, controversy related to what defines us and what is useful to us in education?

Fighting Poverty-Repost

The article below, referenced earlier this month, provides excellent points for reflection as we strive to help adults and their families move out of poverty. Read comments, which follow Reder's views, by "our own David Rosen on the issue,

As you read, please comment briefly, providing one example of how you implement new ways to accomplish the task before us!

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How Poverty Shapes the Brain

The Washington Post recently covered a research study linking poverty and brain structure in children.  The following are excerpts from this article.

Webinar: Students & Families Living in Rural Poverty: Research and Strategies for Educators

Hi all,

Please see the announcement below about an upcoming webinar focused on rural education and work with low-income families and communities.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m., ET

Overview and registration link

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