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cognitive engagement

Total Participation Techniques -- Follow up Discussion

Hello colleagues, First of all I want to thank Becky Shiring and Sheryl Sherwin from Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School for presenting today's webinar "Total Participation Techniques for Cognitive Engagement in the ESL Classroom" -- TPTs. They shared a great many effective teaching ideas and strategies for engaging ALL students in higher order thinking. As a follow up to the video, Becky and Sheryl will be leading us in a discussion to deepen the conversation and involve our members. I'm looking forward to a rich and lively discussion this week!

Webinar, Nov. 10 - Total Participation Techniques for Cognitive Engagement in the ESL Classroom

Mark your calendar for the upcoming exciting webinar to be held on Tuesday, November 10, 2015, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM Eastern. There will be a follow up discussion focused on Total Participation Techniques in the LINCS Assessment and Adult English Language Learner Communities in the days following the webinar, i.e., Wednesday through Friday, November 11-13. Details for registering for the webinar will be provided shortly.

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