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workplace basic skills

Adults Using Technology to Learn Basic Skills -- as a Work Benefit


This is a new discussion thread focusing on adult learners' online, distance or blended learning using a computer or portable digital device. Its focus is opportunities and online tools especially suited to adults who need opportunities for basic skills learning but who, because of their work hours, or for other reasons, may not be able to attend regular classes.

Concluding Mobile Tech in Low Wage Work Panel Discussion

Thank you all for joining us in this week's panel discussion on using mobile technology in low wage work.  Monday's webinar on the same topic will be posted in the LINCS YouTube Channel in the coming weeks.  We will send out a notice to the communities once it is available.

Day Three Discussion: A Mobile Tech Revolution in Low Wage Work

Welcome to our third and final day of this panel discussion on mobile technology in low-wage work. Today, we're discussing logistics of access and use of mobile technology in the workplace. Specifically, we hope to address:


  • Approaches and employer incentives to pay for digital literacy training for low-skill workers and, at times, purchases of tablets

  • Differentiating uses and benefits of working with different mobile devices (smartphones v. tablets, Chromebooks or laptops)

Day Two Discussion: A Mobile Tech Revolution in Low-Wage Work

Welcome back to day two of our panel discussion on mobile technology in low-wage work.  Today, we are going to discuss how, from an industry training perspective, mobile technology is, or can be, used to:
  • Improve business efficiencies and positively affect bottom line costs
  • Develop incremental digital literacy skills

Day One Discussion: A Mobile Tech Revolution in Low-Wage Work

Welcome to the first day of our three day panel discussion on mobile technology in low-wage work.  Following up on yesterday's information-filled webinar, we have a panel of leaders in mobile learning joining us to address your questions about using mobile technology to build adult learners' basic skills, and their capacity to use technology to become self-directed problem solvers in life, and the workplace. 
Our panelists include:
Alison Ascher Webber, Building Skills Partnership, Oakland, CA
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