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workplace literacy

Education Week's Real-World Literacy Summit 2019

  • Date: 
    Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm
    Online Summit

Schools are under growing pressure to make sure that students are ready for work or job training, as well as college, when they graduate. But employers often complain that their young hires haven’t learned the reading, writing, speaking, and digital skills they need on the job. How can educators bridge the gap between reality and expectations, when it comes to these complex skills?

Helping Businesses Identify Low Literacy

Hi all - My name's Chad Patton with the Literacy Center of West Michigan. I direct a program called Customized Workplace English that provides business ESL and Literacy instruction within a business during times that work well for their employees. We've very well providing contextualized instruction to English Language Learners because they self-identify as having a need for ESL. We have, however, had a harder time recruiting native speakers of English for literacy instruction.

TEACHING ADULTS TO READ Study Circles for Winter and Spring!

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Facilitated online study circles for adult educators who want to learn – and practice - more about assessing and teaching the components of reading.

Winter series: Teaching Comprehension. Spring series: Teaching Vocabulary 


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