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Ability to Benefit; WIOA

Question about Ability to Benefit Alternative Approved Tests

Hello Everyone,

My program is looking at implementing one of the ATB alternative tests ( for English Language Learners and/or High School Completion Students entering community college classes.  Are there other programs utilizing any of the ATB tests and what have been your results? Are the ATB alternative tests a viable option for students?

Have you worked with learners with disabilities unable to access funding for post-secondary education?

A recent article published in The Hechinger Report highlights a troubling trend faced by many adults with disabilities trying to access state Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) funding for post-secondary education.  Eligible but got Nothing: Hundreds of thousands of People with Disabilities Blocked from College Aid shares the stories of several VR clients, and the underlying issues that have kept them from receiving services.  

Ability to Benefit and Defining Career Pathways

In May 2015, the Department of Education released its Dear Colleague Letter GEN-15-09  on the implementation of the “Ability-to-Benefit” (ATB) option for awarding Pell grants.

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