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Facebook Joins the Digital Career Development Space

Facebook recently announced the launch of career development mini-courses for adult learners.  The 13 digital courses are designed for people looking to re-enter the workforce, or refresh their resume skills in the digital space.  Facebook designed these courses based on its own research on what skills are most helpful to both job seekers and employers.  Each course runs between 8-10 minute, and can be accessed for free on the

Facebook Feature to Help Persons with Vision Impairments

This week, Facebook announced a new feature for those with vision impairments to access photos on its platform.   Facebook's new automatic alternative text feature identifies objects in photos uploaded to the site and describes them in text with the help of a screen reader. 

Using videos to build vocabulary and as writing prompts; Using Facebook for class discussion

Reading and Writing Colleagues,

A friend sent me this short animated video on the difference between sympathy and empathy.   (One may have to be a Facebook member to access it.)

I wondered if this might be useful in reading and writing classes, to build vocabulary, but also perhaps as a prompt for writing.

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