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Evaluations of Online Tools and Resources for Adult Basic Skills Teachers and Learners

Technology and Learning Colleagues,

You may know that from January through June of this year, led by technology and Learning CoP member Ed Latham,  a volunteer Technology and Learning CoP micro-group set out to identify promising free or inexpensive online tools and resources for adult basic skills (including ESOL/ESL) teachers, tutors and learners, and then to evaluate several of these tools and resources for teachers and tutors.

So, what is the result?

Join Us to Evaluate Online Formative Assessment Tools!!

Hello everyone!

I’m sending you all this personal invitation to join a group that will try out and review online tools used for formative assessment activities with students.  Below is the full announcement, and you may have also seen the general announcement that went out yesterday on LINCS – but here are the main points you need to know.  Join us!!

12/10 Webinar Online Formative Assessment Tools

Hello friends, It's not too late to join us on Thursday 12/10/15 at 3:00 Eastern to learn about some innovative online tools we can use for teaching and learning. This special event will be presented by LINCS Region 1 at World Education's EdTech Center. For more information, and to register click here.

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