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teaching summarizing

Summarizing is not an easy skill to learn!

Hello colleagues, I think learning to summarize is one of the most difficult skills to acquire. I recall reading something many years ago that has stuck with me. Learners need to be explicitly taught how to summarize. I can't assume that they know how to apply this skills, so I must find ways to model for them and then support them through the learning process. Seeing many good examples is also important.

Learning to Summarize

Hello Colleagues, Learning to summarize is a complex skill to master, especially in a language you are still learning. Take a look at this activity, ELL Practice + Prompt/Changing Your Mind, designed by one of my favorite bloggers, Larry Ferlazzo, who is a regular contributor to the New York Times Learning Network. While this lesson is designed for middle school and/or high school English learners, it would also be relevant for adults.

Teaching summarizing and paraphrasing?

Hello colleagues, What is the role of summarizing and paraphrasing in supporting students to achieve the standards? We see "paraphrasing" explicitly mentioned in Writing Standard 8 Levels C and D, with an emphasis on avoiding plagiarism, which is important, but I see these skills as critical in other writing standards as well. For instance, if we are to write effective arguments, we usually need to summarize and paraphrase, as well as analyze and synthesize, various points of view. 

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