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Illinois Defines Career Pathways

Illinois has defined what career pathways are for stakeholders in the state. LINCS member, and CLASP senior policy analyst, Judy Mortude, recently noted that “... trusted advocates worked with state agencies and policymakers ... to develop a single definition of career pathways and provide guidance to practitioners”.

What We Mean When We Talk about LD

What does LD mean to you?  LD, or Learning Disabilities, is a term that many of us use to talk about struggling learners, but are we working under the same definition of LD?

That's the question one of the new Learning to Achieve course modules aims to answer, by identifying the following six consensus statements about LD:

Week 2: Definitions and clarifications

It was great to read through the introductions shared from 7 of our 14 group members this last week. If you have not had a chance to reply to that thread please do as it helps everyone have a feel for who your are. If others would like to join our group, we are welcoming all new members this week as well. 

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