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Join us for the national GED® Grad Day celebration on May 18

GED Grad Day 2017

The national GED® Grad Day celebration returns on May 18! This is the second year for this virtual event that celebrates GED graduates and their personal and professional accomplishments. GED Testing Service is encouraging current GED graduates, family members, friends, teachers, employers and aspiring graduates to join the celebration!

Expanding GEDWorks™ Program Changes Lives

Nick Laul, a Vice President with GED Testing Service, published a blog on LinkedIn that may interest you. Please click here to read Expanding GEDWorks™ Program Changes Lives.

Career-Planning Tool for GED® Students

GED® educators can help keep students motivated and looking forward to life after the test with the PathSource Career Hub! It is available for free in MyGED®. The tool includes a career assessment and allows students to explore a wide range of career options that are available after they pass. Please click here for more information including a video tutorial. Thank you.

GED® Educator Tip: Suggestions From A Former Student

Josh Burall Educator Josh Burall understands what it’s like to be a GED® student. That’s because just a few short years ago, he was one!

After losing his job, Josh signed up for GED® classes as part of California’s Welfare to Work program. He excelled in his classes and passed the GED® test in a few short months.

8 Math Skills GED Students Must Be Able To Do Without A Calculator

Just for fun - Quiz - Are You A GED® Test Expert?

Test your knowledge about the GED® test! Click here to take a fun quiz. Enjoy!

New! Opportunity for GED® Educators & Program Administrators

Are you an experienced GED® educator or GED® program administrator? Do you have helpful tips, strategies, or best practices to share with your fellow GED® educators or administrators? If so, GED Testing Service invites you write a guest post for the In Session e-newsletter and/or blog. Please click here for more information. Thank you!

Upcoming GED Webinar: Thinking Strategies for Crafting Constructed Responses - One Step at a Time

Registration is now open for the June Tuesdays for Teachers webinar – Thinking Strategies for Crafting Constructed Responses: One Step at a Time. This is a FREE professional development webinar for educators. The event is Tuesday, June 28th from 3:30 – 5:00 pm ET. Please click here to register and learn more about GED Testing Service's Tuesday's for Teachers webinar series. Thank you.

Please join the GED® Grad Day celebration on June 15th


The GED® test has opened doors to better jobs and college programs for more than 20 million graduates since 1942. On June 15, 2016, we will celebrate all GED® graduates and motivate others to start their journey. 

The GED® Program's Guide for Admissions Officers

About one in twenty students entering postsecondary schools holds a high school credential earned by passing the GED® test. How can admissions officers evaluate these nontraditional applicants? Find out in the updated Guide for Admissions Officers from GED Testing Service. Please click here to download a copy today!


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