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Must See Resources for GED® Educators

Our GED Testing Service website includes lots of resources to help educators prepare their students for the GED® test. While we think they’re all valuable, here are the key resources that we suggest you use.

Expanding GEDWorks™ Program Changes Lives

Nick Laul, a Vice President with GED Testing Service, published a blog on LinkedIn that may interest you. Please click here to read Expanding GEDWorks™ Program Changes Lives.

2016 Educator Survey from GED Testing Service

Responses to the 2016 Educator Survey will help GED Testing Service better understand the preferences, and challenges, of GED® educators! Please click here to take the survey before July 22, 2016. Thank you.

Preview GED® Test Questions Using A New Student Tool

There’s a new, free tool that gives students a better idea of the types of questions they’ll need to answer correctly to pass the GED® test.

GED® Educator Tip: Suggestions From A Former Student

Josh Burall Educator Josh Burall understands what it’s like to be a GED® student. That’s because just a few short years ago, he was one!

After losing his job, Josh signed up for GED® classes as part of California’s Welfare to Work program. He excelled in his classes and passed the GED® test in a few short months.

8 Math Skills GED Students Must Be Able To Do Without A Calculator

Just for fun - Quiz - Are You A GED® Test Expert?

Test your knowledge about the GED® test! Click here to take a fun quiz. Enjoy!

Upcoming GED Webinar: Thinking Strategies for Crafting Constructed Responses - One Step at a Time

Registration is now open for the June Tuesdays for Teachers webinar – Thinking Strategies for Crafting Constructed Responses: One Step at a Time. This is a FREE professional development webinar for educators. The event is Tuesday, June 28th from 3:30 – 5:00 pm ET. Please click here to register and learn more about GED Testing Service's Tuesday's for Teachers webinar series. Thank you.

Update On GED® Graduate Research and Outcomes

By Martin Kehe, VP of Assessment Services at GED Testing Service. Kehe oversees the creation of the GED® test and the professional development training and resources for GED® educators. The following is a portion of his recent column on the InSession blog

3 Strategies To Help Students Understand Social Studies Readings on the GED® Test

The Social Studies GED® test includes primary source readings that students must read and interpret. Primary sources are an original source of information recorded at the time an event occurred, such as first-hand accounts of events, speeches, historical documents, letters and photographs.


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