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6 Test Day Tips To Share With Your GED® Students

Of course it’s important for students to know the content covered on the GED® test. But it’s also important for them to feel comfortable and confident on test day. Going into the test knowing what to expect, and having a few key test-taking strategies, will go a long way in ensuring your students’ success.

Click here for six helpful test-taking tips you can incorporate into your classroom instruction to help prepare your students for their testing experience.

Preview GED® Test Questions Using A New Student Tool

There’s a new, free tool that gives students a better idea of the types of questions they’ll need to answer correctly to pass the GED® test.

8 Math Skills GED Students Must Be Able To Do Without A Calculator

Just for fun - Quiz - Are You A GED® Test Expert?

Test your knowledge about the GED® test! Click here to take a fun quiz. Enjoy!

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