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What do you know about Google’s Applied Digital Skills curriculum?

If you attended COABE's annual conference last week, chances are good that you heard something about Google Applied Digital Skills (GADS) curriculum.   The GADS curriculum will enable COABE to collect and showcase stories of adults and adult education institutions that use GADS, with a focus on workforce development.

Workforce GPS: College and Career Readiness Guide for Navigators

The College and Career Readiness: A Guide for Navigators resource is extremely helpful for career counselors and career advisors who are working directly with students. This guide is also beneficial for teachers, youth workers, mentors, and other advocates.  While designed with a youth population in mind, the guide offers valuable resources for career navigators working with adult learners as well. 

From the guide:

Work-ready and Work-contextualized Curriculum


In June I received an email message that contained this question: "I'm creating a work-contextualized module for ESL learners of reading, writing, and math skills specifically for a CNA career pathway. Can you suggest some curriculum resources?"  I responded by pointing the teacher to my Work Readiness and Work-Contextualized web page on The Literacy List.

Career Pathways Curriculum Resources for English Language Learners

Aimee Fritz shared this with the Adult English Language Learners Community, and I want to share it here as well.  

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