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Social studies

Current events topic for social studies and/or science

Happy New Year, everyone! As we start a new decade, one of the events in the news is the devastating fires in Austrailia which could make a relevant topic for a social studies and/or a science-related lesson.

Here's a link to a CNet story on "Everything we Know" about these fires. The topics covered include:

3 Strategies To Help Students Understand Social Studies Readings on the GED® Test

The Social Studies GED® test includes primary source readings that students must read and interpret. Primary sources are an original source of information recorded at the time an event occurred, such as first-hand accounts of events, speeches, historical documents, letters and photographs.

Facing History and Ourselves found very effective


There isn't a LINCS Community of Practice that focuses on social studies education, or for that matter on high school equivalency exam preparation, so I am posting this on a couple of CoPs where I think there may be some interest in research-based practices in teaching history.

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