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listening skills

Listening Skills : "What Great Listeners Actually Do"

Hello colleagues,

Are you a good listener? A great listener? Do you know what it means to be very successful in "listening" to students? Do you teach your students how to be better listeners? Do you practice great listening skills? Do they? Do you self-assess your own listening skills? Do you assess your students' listening skills? Do you ask them to assess yours?

Question: Listening Skills

Hi group members,
I just received another message, this time from a group member.  She has asked the following question:
I have had an Adult Education Director request information or curriculum on listening skills.  

It isn't a subject area that I have thought about, but it really does make sense that our students 

probably have never learned listening skills.  I would say many of us don't use our listening skills very 

well.  I certainly could use a tune up in my listening skills. :D  Is there a curriculum or exercise that you 
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