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science video reviews

Reviews of Science Videos

Science teaching colleagues,

You may already know that several of your colleagues here, following their own science  teaching interests, but also volunteering their time on your behalf, have produced a fairly extensive list of science teaching videos suitable for ABE and/or ASE science learners.  It's organized by: 1) twenty-two science video collection sites, and 2) by science topic: Animals, Astronomy, Botony (Plants), Chemistry, Earth Science, Human body, health and disease, Microscopic view of the world, Nature, Nutrition, Physics, Science history, and Zoology.

Update from the Science Instructional Videos Online Review Group

Science and health literacy colleagues,

You may be aware that in March Susan Cowles and I formed a volunteer group of science and health adult educators to develop a list of free, online science and health instructional videos, to review some of them, and to discuss how they might be used in science or health literacy classes. Using a LINCS private CoP, we have organized ourselves to work on these tasks. This is a progress report.

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