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Tabletop gaming ... introducing students digitally first?

As much as I try to get people face to face to play table top games, I pause at times to reflect that may be digital versions of games might pull people into the rich and powerful world of table top games. If you get the time to look at this deal and try some of them out, I would love to know if any of these inspire you to some day sit at a table to play with others. 

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Library Brings Together Recent Immigrants and Long-time Residents


I hope you might find this guest blog article by Ed Latham of interest. Published today by World Education, as part of immigrants National Welcoming Week, it describes a fascinating nonformal education program held in a rural Maine public library on Saturdays that has led to some wonderful opportunities for recent immigrant and longtime Maine families to get to know each other, learn in a wide range of domains, and have fun together.

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