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How podcasts can improve literacy

Hello colleagues, Recently, we've been having an engaging discussion focused on defining reading and reading instruction here on LINCS. For instance, questions such as how is listening to an audio book and reading a book the same and different. Well known adult literacy researcher, Tom Sticht has contributed to the discussion to explain his concept of auding. If you haven't dropped in on this discussion yet, I encourage you to do so.

Teaching Note-taking

Hello colleagues, Taking notes is a skill many of us employ from time to time in our daily lives, on the job, and certainly in educational contexts. Have you taught students a method for taking notes -- from listening to lectures, podcasts, or videos? How about from reading?

Podcasts to support learning

Do you listen to podcasts? Have you thought about incorporating podcasts into your classroom instruction? Increasing in popularity since 2004, podcasts are now a mainstream resource and when integrated into classroom expectations, they can help students build background knowledge in a variety of areas. Podcasts are a simple way to integrate technology in the classroom and help students really learn ‘on the go.’

Science On the Go with the Best Podcasts

Podcasts are a mainstream resource that can be used in the adult education classroom. When subscribing to a specific topic, the listener is introduced to new ideas and becomes exposed to unfamiliar topics. Podcasts enable the listener to develop a broad range of knowledge and promote anytime / anywhere learning. Below are 20 great science podcasts curated by GeekWrapped. I encourage you to listen to at least one of the podcasts on the list and think about how you can use it with your students.

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