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When Does Student Retention Planning Begin?


As we wrap up our fiscal year, it's often time to also begin planning for next year. I invite you to review this list of retention strategies.  It is a brief list, but I am hoping it will begin an active discussion on student retention strategies. 

What are your students most common barriers to retention? 

How are you addressing them?

Chronic Absenteeism in Adult Education

Chronic absenteeism is gaining national attention as we look at this impact on school success for students. Absenteeism is gaining attention of the U.S. Secretary of Education, John B. Kinng, Jr. He states,"Missing school leads to low academic achievement and triggers drop outs. Millions of young people are missing opportunities in postsecondary education, good careers and a chance to experience the American dream." If students struggle with participation in traditional public school, how can we expect these patterns to change in adult education? 

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