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the role of praise in learning

Effective and Ineffective Praise

Hello colleagues, I recall reading about how praise can sometimes actually be harmful. In our role as teacher's, our words really do matter. As Dr. Debbie Silver writes, "Effective feedback starts with carefully selecting words that are honest, specific, nonjudgmental, and specifically chosen to help the student figure out how to get better. It should inform them about their progress. It should not judge, label, accuse, excuse, or even praise [emphasis added]. It provides instructive knowledge that will enhance the student’s performance."

Applying Dweck's "growth mindset" in the classroom

Hello colleagues, We have discussed Carol Dweck's growth mindset here on LINCS in the past. A new edition of Dweck's book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, will come out soon. You can find an interesting interview of Dweck in a recent issue of The Atlantic, "How Praise Became a Consolation Prize" by Christine Gross-Loh.

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