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immigrant professionals

Skilled immigrants: The real cost of brain waste

Hello colleagues, I sat down this week with a couple from Egypt, who have been in the US for three years. She works prepping salad at a local restaurant, and he works for Domino's Pizza. She wanted to register for a training our program is offering on basic health care. Her goal is to return to her profession as a registered nurse. She had formerly worked as head nurse in surgery for over 20 years. She asked her husband to accompany her to our appointment since he spoke a little better English than she did.

Immigrant Professionals: Guest Led Discussion Begins Jan. 26th

Hello colleagues, We learned a great deal from the webinar this afternoon focused on working with immigrant professionals.

Immigrant Professionals --new study!

Hello colleagues, Just today IMPRINT released a new, first-of-its-kind study about immigrant professionals, Steps to Success: Integrating Immigrant Professionals in the United States. This survey collected data from skilled immigrants in six urban localities across the United States: Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Detroit, San Jose, and Seattle.

I am sure the following key finds are no surprise to members here:

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