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immigrant integration

Two new fact sheets on immigrant integration

Two new fact sheets from the Networks for Integrating New Americans initiative are now available. They highlight what the project learned about collaborating to help immigrants and refugees advance in the workforce and in the community.

National Welcoming Week

In celebration of National Welcoming Week, September 16-25, Welcoming America and World Education, Inc.

Lessons learned about immigrant integration

We’re happy to announce that the report on lessons learned from the Networks for Integrating New Americans initiative is now available. This publication features the lessons learned from the work of five local networks that planned and implemented immigrant integration services and activities in their communities. Adult education programs played a key role in each of these networks.  

Speical Discussion on Networks for Integrating New Americans Next Week!

Hello colleagues, We are delighted to be offering a first of its kind discussion through LINCS focused specifically on the importance and benefits of a network of organizations in a local community working collaboratively to support the linguistic, economic and civic integration of immigrants and refugees.

White House Announcement on Immigrant and Refugee Integration Efforts

Hello colleagues, The White House Immigration Team has unveiled their newest efforts to successfully integrate immigrants and refugees into our communities. Please see the announcement below as well as the invitation to participate in a teleconference hosted by the White House Taskforce on New Americans and the USCIS to be held tommorow, April 21, 2015 at 2:00 Eastern.

These are some exciting initiatives that we all need to know about! There will be a great deal to discuss as we digest this information and consider what it means for our practice.

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

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