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graphic organizers

Teaching text structures

Hello colleagues, In order to fully comprehend non fiction text, students need to understand text structures, e.g.,description, sequence, comparison, cause and effect, argument, etc. Research backs up this claim.

Using graphic organizers supports students to understand the structure of a text. Teaching signal words that are commonly used in the various text structures is also important.

Are you using graphic organizers?

Hello Colleagues, I am interested in using graphic organizers in my beginning ESL class as a means to increase the rigor of my instruction. Graphic organizers can support students to engage in higher order thinking.

I did an introductory activity using a cause and effect graphic organizer this morning. To get started, we talked about what the effects might be for different scenarios: getting a new job, having a new baby,  a big snowstorm. The students generated several effects for each scenario.

The Use of Graphic Organizers

Hello group members,

Yesterday, there was a LINCS webinar delivered by Dr. Patty Graner entitled  "Integrating Graphic Organizers into Reading Vocabulary Instruction."    Quite a bit of the presentation including participants' questions,and the speaker's answers pertained to Adult English Language Learners.  Today, Dr. Graner has started a follow-up discussion on the Disabilities Group and Reading/Writing Group.  Because of that, I wanted to share this resource with you.

What's the greatest value you attach to incorporating graphic organizers?


Discussions around graphic organizers have surfaced and resurfaced over the last several months across several of the communities including Reading and Writing, Numeracy, and Students with Disabilities. Those discussions left me wondering how graphic organizers are incorporated into instruction and your perspective or thoughts of how they improve learners' acquisition and recall of information. This poll provides an opportunity to quickly indicate your most often perceived value for incorporating graphic organizers. Of course, you may have other perspectives than the few that are listed in the poll and I'd like to hear those perspectives as well. 

In the future we might have a more focused activity on graphic organizers such as a webinar and follow-up moderated discussion.

Send along your thoughts.

Happy Friday!

Daryl Mellard
Reading and Writing LINCS moderator

Do you use graphic organizers?

Recently, I saw a short posting about graphic organizers in one of the other LINCS Communities.  In Chapter 6 of Learning to Achieve: A Professional’s Guide to Educating Adults with Learning Disabilities (, graphic organizers are mentioned as an effective strategy for content instruction for individuals who may have a learning disability.

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