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Education Costs

Financial Literacy Resource Geared towards Adult Learners is a good financial literacy web resource. This website is administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. 

A unique aspect of the website if Ask the Money Doctor where you can pose your financial questions and then volunteer Personal Financial Specialists respond to user queries. You can find the past Q&A at

College For Free: Tulsa's Radical Idea

Following up on an earlier thread in the Postsecondary Completion group (Throwing Money at the Issue!), I found another model that tried to solve the college affordability puzzle and provides a lot of scaffolding to the participating students. This scaffolding come in the form of student success coaches, college success modules, and additional academic support. This particular program targets traditional high school students.

Throwing Money at the Issue!

We are seeing several initiatives in the K-12 and college completion world where students are being supported financially as an incentive for them to finish their degrees. What do you feel about this approach? Would it work for your students?

Here is a very interesting article on this strategy, Schools Prod Students Toward Diplomas With Tuition, Cash [LINK]. The article also refers to some interesting models that are being implemented right now and here is an excerpt:

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