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LINCS Suggestion Box

Join the Discussion!

Greetings, All! Be sure to join the "LINCS Suggestion Box" micro-group, found in the Integrating Technology CoP. The dialogue has begun, leading into the live discussion on Monday during our COABE LINCS session in Orlando, FL.

To join the conversation, go to the Integrating Technology CoP and click on "Join" if you are not a member already. Scroll down to the list of Microgroups, and click on the "LINCS Suggestion Box link. Select the Discussion tab, listed at the top. You are in!

Introducing the LINCS Suggestion Box!

As part of the LINCS Communities' goal to best serve your professional development needs, we are opening the LINCS Suggestion Box.  We are introducing this resource to coincide with COABE's 2017 Conference, in Orlando, FL, on Monday, April 3rd.  Not going to COABE?  That's ok, because we are hosting a synchronous event at 11:50AM EST that you are invited to join, and share your experience with using LINCS. 
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