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Analysis of the Sounds the letters of the Alphabet Spell

The 40 sounds of US English are spelled by the 26 letters of the alphabet.  This analysis examines each letter and lists the 10 most popular words and gives the percentage of most popular sounds that each letter spells.  This analysis examines word popularity in print, so the most repeated words account for the most frequent phonemes.  See   This is a truespel analysis.  Free truespel tutorials and converter ate at

Using truespel phonetics for English pronunciation

Truespel is a free phonetic resource based on phonics that can replace the IPA for US English pronunciation.  It can be learned in an hour by literate folks using tutorials at and using the free two-way converter there.  Once they master the pronunciation of each of the 40 sounds of US English (and a stress and glottal stop rule), ELL's can say any word correctly when reading truespel phonetics.  They can write what they hear as well.  The science behind truespel is here .

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