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Science and Technology

COABE presentations?

Hi all,

I’m looking forward to the COABE Conference coming up March 30 in New Orleans.  I’d love to hear what people are presenting on.  This year I collaborated with my colleague, Lizelena Iglesias, to put together a Science and Technology half day preconference.  The description is below.


Integrating Digital Skills: Using Google Slides in Science Instruction

Presenters: Nell Eckersley and Lizelena Iglesias

Science, Half-Day Preconference

Sunday, March 31st 8:30am-11:30am, Studio 3

YouTube and Science Instruction? Absolutely


Several months ago, I organized a list of science based podcasts that would help students build background knowledge in a variety of science topics on the go. Recently, I came across a listing of Youtube Channels that are great for science instruction so I thought I would highlight a couple more resources that can help students build science skills in a non-threatening way. 

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