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Student Retention

Keeping Students Engaged During Breaks

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break. As we return to our classrooms and prepare for a longer holiday break, I wanted to open a discussion about keeping students engaged during these extended periods. It's often difficult to hold on to students when we have familiar schedules, but when these routines are disrupted, we run the risk of loosing students. Have you experienced similar issues with student retention? If so, how do you address these concerns? Share your tips and ideas so we can be proactive and keep our learners active during the longer winter break.

When Does Student Retention Planning Begin?


As we wrap up our fiscal year, it's often time to also begin planning for next year. I invite you to review this list of retention strategies.  It is a brief list, but I am hoping it will begin an active discussion on student retention strategies. 

What are your students most common barriers to retention? 

How are you addressing them?

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