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Teaching and Learning

Professional Development from AALPD: Evidence of change in teacher practice and student outcomes

Join the AALPD Short session on September 13 at 4 pm EST. Join Dr. Rebecca S. Wagner, the Professional Learning Opportunities Project Director in PA as she presents: Evidence of change in teacher practice and student outcomes.

Winter Solstice on December 21!

The Winter Solstice is approaching on December 21! The solstice marks the day with the least daylight hours before our days start getting longer here in the Northern Hemisphere.  It's also a day of celebration for many traditions around the world. Is anyone planning special lessons in science or social studies to mark the occasion?  

ICYMI: Discussion on using journals with math


In case you missed it, I want to draw your attention to this discussion the the Teaching and Learning Community of Practice. The topic focuses around the connection between math and reading, with great tips about writing and using journals to help students overcome math difficulties. 

I encourage you to join this discussion - great ideas are being shared.


Starting a new year with new teachers.

We are starting a new year and getting our class schedules and new teachers ready. Soon, students will be entering the classroom - eager to learn to read, build skills, gain employment, and even go to college. I invite you to read the article about how new teachers need a master's support.  The author, Tim Goral, says" new teachers are too often left to fend for themselves, without the benefit of an artisan-apprentice relationship." 

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