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Depression, a secret we share

We have briefly touched on the effects of anxiety on learning and testing in both Diversity and Literacy, and Reading and Writing groups. Some of you have indicated an interest in discussing this issue further, along with other socio-emotional factors affecting the extent to which many of our adult learners are able to function in productive environments.

The presentation below will certainly touch you in many ways. I hope that you will benefit from it and be led to comment further on the issues raised by Solomon's talk.

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Mental Illness, Depression and Suicide

Hi group members,

I waited for quite a few days until posting this message due to the sensitivity of the topic.  After the passing of the great comedian and actor, Robin Williams, there has been much dialogue on the topic of mental illness and suicide.  Suicide is seldom a topic of honest discussion unless a significant loss of a public figure occurs.

A psychological aspect (internalizing problems) of literacy issues


Much discussion in the Reading and Writing group focuses on improving our literacy instruction through addressing curricular, assessment, and instructional practices. Let's expand those parameters a bit and consider a psychological factor that some learners confront i.e., internalizing problems. We know in general that the challenges learners with learning disabilities (LD) confront in childhood and adolescence continue into adulthood.

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