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The Most Debatable Topic in Adult Education

This poll is being posted on behalf of Jackie Taylor as a follow up to the recent  "Most Debatable Topic" discussion:

Thank you to all who proposed a topic for consideration for a community debate. While many topics proposed would make for excellent discussions (and can still be discussed!), I’ve narrowed the list of debatable topics to four.

For the first time ever, the LINCS COPs will host a debate in the Evidence-based Professional Development Group and in other groups where a topic may intersect areas. Which of the following four topics would you most like to see guests and community participants debate?

  • Moving the goal posts: Are basic skills at risk when teaching to College and Career Ready Standards?
  • Is a HS equivalency really equal? (Are we holding adult students to higher standards for the HS equivalency than youth for the HS diploma?)
  • Should the National Reporting System (NRS) develop a competency-based alternative? If so, should that be in addition to the present system that relies on levels measured by standardized tests, or should it replace that system?
  • Does Professional Development (PD) work? How do we know? What can make professional development work better?  How do we improve results? How do we integrate assessment as well as higher levels of evaluation into PD?


Cast your vote before Friday, June 13. The topic with the most votes will become the topic of our debate this summer.

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