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pictures/photos in teaching English

Integrating English Language, photography, and the arts

Hello Colleagues,

Here's a heartening example of an adult learner project using cameras in an adult ESOL/ESL program in Fall River, Massachusetts. Photography is an important technology in adult basic skills that doesn't receive enough attention. Do you know of other adult English language programs that use digital or other kinds of technology projects for English language learning, artistic expression, presentation skills or other purposes? If so, tell us about them.

What are some ways you use pictures/photos in your teaching?

Hello colleagues, It would be great to generate a bunch of ideas for using pictures/photos for teaching English. An activity that I've been doing with lower level students is having learners make odl-fashioned flashcards , which --by the way-- research has shown to be an effective strategy for learning vocabulary. We use the flashcards in a variety of ways. I borrowed this idea from our friends from Arlington, VA at REEP as demonstrated in this great video, "Spotlight on Flashcards."

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